Advancing Science Technology and Art

Advancing Science, Technology, and Art is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in San Diego, California, with the goal of spreading sustainable STEAM education to under-served communities locally and globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education around the globe with focus on under-served communities. Our organization focuses on grooming youth leaders in promoting STEAM education. Youth leaders have proved to be better ambassadors to inspire the next generation of youth; their success in turn inspires industry professionals to further our cause in educating the next generation.

History and impact

Founded in 2019, we strive to create sustainable STEAM programs here in San Diego and around the world. We support local robotics teams, and create and sustain global robotics programs.

Local Impact

We promote STEAM education to kids with intellectual disabilities and other disadvantages. We teach robotics to kids and teens of Included Autism. We assist the Monarch School in integrating robotics training into their STEM curriculum for students impacted by homelessness. We also conduct summer robotics camps for under-privileged youths of UrbanLife Ministries.

We collaborate with Porpoise Robotics and University of San Diego’s College of Arts and Sciences in inspiring kids to explore STEAM activities. In addition, we engage students in exploring the field of STEM in major science fairs such as High Tech Faire, Science Expo, BE WiSE, and STEAM Maker Festival. We do events quarterly at the Fleet Science Center to show the public how fun and accessible robotics is. We teach robotics at the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum as well.

We participate in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) events and encourage other students to join the community.

Other outreach conducted at elementary and middle schools:

  • Mentoring robotics teams

  • Hosting scrimmages for robotics teams

  • Hosting official FIRST competitions

Global Impact

We mentor teams, promote STEAM education, and facilitate FIRST Global and other robotics programs in Benin, Bolivia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Paraguay, and Togo.


Our work in Benin, a West African country, has led to the use of robotics and STEAM education in over 20 schools. In August 2019, we traveled to Benin with local FRC Team Spyder to co-run their first nationwide robotics competition and to meet with government officials and the U.S. Ambassador in planning the expansion of STEAM education nationwide.


We have also worked hard to increase the presence of robotics—specifically FIRST programs—in Paraguay, a South American country. In November 2019, we traveled to Paraguay with local FRC Team Spyder to co-run a robotics competition in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. We also met with the head of the National University of Paraguay to plan for creating more robotics teams there.